The literary journal is dedicated to visceral and avant-garde pieces of literary writing. This includes translations that transform the exchanging of words like a secret handshake that has been established for generations. We want writers who are passionate for a liberal flow of language.

We also like to ambitiously believe we are preserving the importance of literary works while making it more approachable to readers of any background.

We are escapists, but sometimes we want to be realists. And whether it is the beginning or end of it all, we want bitter irony and humor.

One more comment to make to those writers who come from different professions. We care. We want to hear about your work. Multiple regression is amazing and if everyone understood it they would think so, too. Help us to understand. Don’t let a generation go unnoticed.

The word “compassion” generally inspires suspicion; it designates what is considered an inferior, second-rate sentiment that has little to do with love. To love someone out of compassion means not really to love. ”
-Milan Kundera, Unbearable Lightness of Being

We are accepting poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, translations, humor, political satire, flash fiction and flash creative nonfiction,  memoir, photography, printmaking woodcut and etching, and artwork. Similar to a fisherman and his lures, we believe an artist has a tackle box of their own (syntax, imagery, diction, tone, rhythm). We also accept cross-genre pieces that may incorporate both poetry and nonfiction. This journal does not accept genre such as romance, mystery, or sci-fi. However, we do accept dystopian fiction.


The criteria is as follows for each submission:

Flash Fiction: 1-3 pieces, no more than 750 words each.
Fiction: 1 piece, no more than 5000 words.
Poetry: 3-5 poems, no more then 50 lines each.
Creative Nonfiction: 1 piece, no more than 5000 words.
Flash Creative Nonfiction: 1-3 pieces, no more than 750 words each.
Translations: 3-5 poems, no more than 50 lines each, 1 fiction piece, no more than 5000 words
Humor: 1-3 pieces, no more than 3000 words
Political: 1 piece, no more than 3000 words
Artwork: 3-5 pieces, image cannot be larger than dpi 300 with 2550 x 3300 pixels.

We are accepting submissions year round, and we publish once a year in October.

Submit Here

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